Dental Assistant Programs and Financial Aid Nearly Full

Most of us start out early in life moving from one job to another trying to find that perfect fit. Dental Assisting will give you the skills to succeed in life! Financial aid is available – enroll now – Friday April 30th will be the last day to register for the Spring 2021 class. Our students have confidence, know how to work hard, and truly become one of the best! With our dental assistant programs you can change your life in a positive way.

dental assistant programs

The course is in an actual dental facility that is dedicated to the school using state-of-the art equipment. Our students learn and practice hands-on procedures during class so that they feel comfortable and relaxed working on patients. We strive to help our students so that everything they have learned about dentistry is sealed into their brains.

Don’t wait… Email or call: (830) 998-8005  for more information about our dental assisting classes and Financial Aid and sign up today! Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Kimberley Franek, School Director

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